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Where are our leaders?

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Where have all our leaders gone? That is not a rhetorical question because I have the answer. South Florida is the epicenter of the Coronavirus world. Most of the state is seeing cases pop up everywhere and right now our intensive care units are full in almost 50% of our hospitals. Disney World opened today. That’s some seriously awful planning. I’ve always considered myself a centrist with a distinct leaning to the right. Republicans today are definitely not cut from the Reagan cloth. Having said that, where is our government? Has everybody lost their minds and their balls? It starts from the top and works its way down. President Trump spent the day in South Florida yesterday meeting with Venezuelans regarding drug cartels. Then he hit a multi-million-dollar fundraiser in North Broward and in the late afternoon, got the hell out of Dodge. Not one word about the Coronavirus. This is our President. I guess I forgot. As he said last week, “one day it will just go away”. I wonder what medical school he attended after daddy put him through Wharton Business. He’s like the ostrich. His head is buried in the sand and if he doesn’t think about it or see if it’s not really happening. He has no contact with Dr. Anthony Fauchi. In Dr.Fauchi, the preeminent epidemiologist in perhaps all the world, our president has a great man to help him manage this virus. He hasn’t spoken to the doctor since June 2nd. Please read my words. He hasn’t spoken to the doctor since June 2nd as per Dr. Fauchi himself. The doc is still on the coronavirus task force. Why doesn’t Trump use his greatest asset! Dr. Fauchi has been around the world many times, quelling many different outbreaks of many epidemics. The President fears talking about this scourge will make it real. Total fantasy land. What he really fears is closing States on a rolling basis. His fear is that doing so will destroy his chance to be re-elected. Knock knock, he has no chance of getting re-elected. Not happening. Even as Republican senators are distancing themselves from the President by jumping ship, people like Governor DeSantis of Florida still have their mouths wrapped around anything that Trump possesses. If Governor DeSantis could remove his mouth from “The Donald”, open his ears for 10 minutes, and stop hanging on to the Titanic he would do the right thing. He knows damn well what the right thing is. It sure isn’t ordering the schools to open in the coronavirus epicenter of the world. Now I’m talking about rolling closure. Not a full-fledged lockdown like before. Broward County mayor Dale Holness doesn’t seem to get it either. He’s issued a couple of half-ass executive orders instead of doing the right thing which is close restaurants, gyms, all bars, and any place where people can congregate. How about the beaches Dale? Wait 3 weeks then reassess. Yes, it’s going to cost people money. And yes we have a federal government that can compensate these people instead of compensating malingerers an additional $600 a week toward their unemployment. Out of all these people, DeSantis bothers me the most. He’s gone. In 22 after he loses he’ll be remembered as the man who killed a lot of people. A man that has no spine. A man who stuck with the party’s line. By the way, this man is a Yale graduate, a Harvard attorney, and a war hero. Go figure. This has turned into a political fiasco. Who’s going to flinch first. I’ll tell you. The hundred forty some-odd thousand people who are dead in this country alone. They’ve already flinched. They died. Ron DeSantis is detestable. If he were a private citizen and all these people were dying under his watch he’d probably be indicted as a murderer. Instead, he’s just an arrogant bastard with zero backbone and a total lack of conscience. He’d be singing a different tune if God forbid his wife or one of his three children to catch this horrible disease. And what do we the people do? Heads up! Not one damn thing. We can’t do anything except to suffer and watch all of this sickness and death and pray that it’s not us one day. I have an iron in this fire too. Anyone who has money invested has a big iron in this fire. I don’t care about that. I care about lives lost. The children are dying now. When does it end? Why did Trump parole Roger Stone, a convicted criminal this weekend? Hopefully, it’s because he’s planning to resign, and he’s realized that his racist, corrupt, vile and immoral Monarchy has fallen. We should all be so lucky. He probably pardoned Stone because he was set to report to jail and start his sentence in the coming week. Floridians, write to your governor. Tell him what you think. If you are a dyed-in-the-wool right-wing Republican which I used to be, this would be a good time to renounce that position and not only get off a sinking ship but do the right thing. It’s time for these politicians to stop posturing and do the right thing. I’m talking about the Democrats too. Somebody should permanently Krazy glue that pretty mask on Nancy Pelosi’s mouth. This would be a better country without her obsessive hatred of the President, which although is justified, is just a time-waster. Fox News has to talk more about how people are dying and less about the racist environment that the president continues to foster. CNN needs to get off their liberal asses and start telling the truth. They need to become a credible news organization again. And will somebody please turn off Chris Cuomo and all that God blessing that he talks about. This is a man last who October in a bar told a guy who called him Fredo, and was obviously heckling him, that he would f**** up his s*** and throw him down the stairs”. That was one of the nicer things he said to this guy. Google it. The video is all over YouTube. It was a setup for sure but still, it just outlines his hypocrisy. I might have done the same thing under the circumstances but I’m not a high-profile television personality, and I don’t tell everybody I meet God bless. With a belief in God that’s so strong, he shouldn’t be f****** up anybody’s s***. Total lack of credibility there. I hope this world gets better. I hope this state starts to get healthy. I applaud the governor’s who have the courage to cross party lines and do the right thing. That’s it.