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Introduction to Federated Financial

Can I Consolidate my Payday Loans?

We are asked on numerous occasions “Can I consolidate my Payday Loans”? We work with almost all payday lenders in this country. Consolidate your payday loans at an interest rate that almost always becomes 0%. It’s not magic when you deal with an old established company. Rated A+ with the BBB. We work hard, we do our job. We will help you get out of debt.

What is the Interest on a Payday Loan?

What is the interest on a consolidation loan? Certainly higher that the interest on an automobile or a house.the bank is assuming a risk and they want to mitigate that risk. Most states don’t max them out until they get to six or seven hundred percent interest. 13 states have banned payday loans.

Who are the Best Payday Loan/Debt Consolidation Companies?

Who are the best debt consolidation companies. You’ve come to this site and its rated A+ by the BBB. It’s because of what we do. We take care of our customers and make them just like family. In business 23 years and have created great relationships with your creditors.we could help you get out of debt quicker and sooner than you could do it yourself.

What happens if I can’t pay my Payday Loans?

The answer is pretty simple. You’ll probably get sued. Payday loans are the same as any other type of loan. The creditor has no recourse. They can’t repossess anything. Not collateralized. Garnishing your income. That’s embarrassing and costly. The solution to that is payday loan debt consolidation.